Meet Our Team

At Embodied Relationships Counseling Center, we embrace the fact that individual differences can create misunderstanding and hurt feelings in relationship. When we understand that a partner may simply have a different style of understanding and expressing, we are less likely to take this personally.  We support our clients to understand personal differences and to learn more about building congruence between the experience of the body and the mind. This creates an authentic, embodied way of communicating and relating.

We are trained to help you level-up your relationship potential!

Melissa Walker

Founder & Director

Melissa is a licensed Somatic Psychotherapist and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist who specializes in sex and relationship therapy for couples and individuals. A graduate of Naropa University in 2009, Melissa weaves together her Masters level training with additional training in Pragmatic/Experiential Therapy for Couples (PET-C), Sex Therapy, Psychodrama, and Authentic Movement. She is also certified in Somatic Archaeology and is a SomaSource LifeCycle Practitioner. Melissa is former adjunct faculty at Naropa University where she taught Counseling Ethics & Professional Orientation for 4 years.

Through study and work, Melissa has crafted the Somatic-Concentric Sex Therapy (S-CST) model for working with clients. S-CST is a confluence of somatic, dance/movement therapy, contemplative, social-justice, and sexology theories. This model harnesses the client’s actualizing tendency, a tendency towards growth and complexity, toward a fully embodied experience and expression of the sexual self. This model includes the practice of Erotic Bodyfulness, full-body arousal anatomy with a whole-person approach to the human sexual response, and embodied expressivity toward one’s personal erotic potential and healthy relational sexuality.

Her book, Whole-Body Sex: Somatic Sex Therapy and the Lost Language of the Erotic Body was published in January 2021. Whole-Body Sex supports the somatic dismantling of the shame and performance-centric model of sexuality to craft a personally meaningful and sexuality-affirming embodiment of self.

Anna Mayer


Anna is dedicated to supporting couples and individuals in deepening their intimacy through embodiment. Relationships and sexuality can be sources of great joy and expansion in our lives, yet also can be full of stuckness and pain. To help you move toward more authentic, joyful relating, Anna will draw from her Masters-level training in Somatic Counseling Psychology, as well as her clinical training in Somatic-Concentric Sex Therapy and effective communication. While working together, you will use a blend of somatic, contemplative, person-centered, and sexology theories to support your growth.

Anna's approach is open-minded, sex-positive, and nonjudgmental. She is passionate about supporting people to find healing in all forms of relationships, including polyamorous and LGBTQIA relationships. Ultimately, Anna trusts you, her clients, to grow toward the sunlight. She believes in your capacity for healing and sees her job as helping you ‘clean the windows’ so you can find your way toward the light. By connecting with your innate wisdom, you can begin to come into fuller contact with what it means for you to be a vibrant, healthy, conscious co-creator of your intimate relationships.