Level up your emotional and sexual intimacy!

The Embodied Intimacy Master Class for Committed Couples for Therapists & Their Partners

I see you.

I see you supporting your clients through these immensely tough times as you try to take care of yourselves and return to connection with your partner.

I see you wanting so badly to be a participant in a group with your partner. To take off the therapist hat, to be guided, where your only job is to actively yield and connect with your beloved. This class is highly experiential, so you will have ample opportunity for present-moment inspiration.

This is why I am offering my intimacy master class exclusively to therapists and their partners. Because you need and deserve a space where you are the focus and you can get messy and vulnerable.

You get to bring your wisdom while still being human. To open to yourself and your partner, and watch them open to you in return. 

I'll take you through a refreshing dive-in with your partner where you get to work together to press into your personal edges with compassion and inspiration.

Here's what we'll do:
- Explore fundamental emotional and sexual intimacy skills
- Map out the "we" of the two of you in your full-bodied selves, your resilience, and in your challenges
- Practice whole-body communication and touch
- Redefine your sexy time to be meaningful and doable for you in your present-moment bodies and life context

This full-day workshop will be highly experiential with an ample lunch break for rest and integration.

Three date options:
- Register for Sunday, August 28th

- Register for Sunday, September 18th

930 am - 430 pm

$375 / couple, 5 couple max

Register for Sunday August 28th
Register for Sunday, September 18th


Here's what participants are saying about the Embodied Intimacy Masterclass.

There was something so special and important about being in the group space with other couples and seeing couples of all ages exploring this topic. I saw both myself and my partner open to different aspects of ourselves that may not have shown up otherwise. Your facilitation of the embodied exercises were inspiring to me as an aspiring dance therapist - your intentionality of word choice, prosody, timing, etc. really supported the process.

Anonymous Participant

The course was a really engaging mix of theoretical material and experiential learning. I came out of the day with several really key pieces that I could take home and practice and continue to build upon. It was one of the best 1 day courses I've ever encountered.

Anonymous Participant