Bodyful Intimacy Counseling for Couples

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Intimacy and connection is vital to our overall health and well-being. We specialize in helping people heal and transcend what inhibits emotional intimacy, sexual intimacy, and affection. By providing a safe enough, supportive, and knowledgeable place for you to deeply know yourselves, you can ignite passion, strengthen trust, and co-create shared values to support your continued individual and relationship growth.

Our approach to healthy intimacy for couples weaves together emotional intelligence, effective communication skills, and embodied eroticism to cultivate a truly inspiring intimacy. You get to be whole people, together, in a way that honors your shared values as well as personal differences.

A Welcome from Melissa, Director for the ERCC


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Melissa is a seasoned sex therapist, with a unique background in somatic and dance movement therapy. An upcoming author, and also a professor of ethics at Naropa, Melissa provides a healing space and experience that is bridges a deep understanding of mental health, couples and sexual health, and body awareness. She is professional, clinical, intentional, and somatic, while also deeply compassionate and relatable.

— Dr. Jenni Skyler
The Intimacy Institute

Over the years, I have had the privilege to attend her workshops, to learn more about somatic sex therapy, and to witness her grow and expand as a clinician. Melissa shines best when she teaches what she is most passionate about. I have learned much from her."

— Tara Galeano, LPC, CST
Bolder Sex Therapy

Melissa is an outstanding guide for people who are confused about sex and/or want to deepen their intimacy with self and their partner through conscious communication, embodiment, and pleasure. Not only is she intelligent, professional, and innovative - she also has a presence that feels so genuine, compassionate, and comfortable that you just kind of want to be around her! We confidently refer our clients to Melissa!

Evolve Dating Gurus

Melissa is a beacon for love, sex, and relationship therapy. I trust her completely and refer clients to her regularly. I would recommend her to anyone.

— Daniel Michels